Digital humanities

Research in the digital humanities at the Department of ALM focuses on digital methods and tools and their implementation in the ALM sector.  In particular, we focus on digitization (the conversion of analogue to digital) and digitalization (the processes that follow digitization such as for example data science in relation to enrichment and organization) more generally, but also user engagement and participation, as well as digital preservation and digitalization

ALM-focused digital-humanities research at the department inquiries into how digitization, within ALM-institutions functions as a knowledge producing enterprise, how different stakeholders engage with digital and digitized cultural heritage and, for example, what epistemological implications digitalization carries for humanities and social science research.

Research at the Department of ALM focuses on digital methods affect the accessibility and usability of archive, library, and museum collections. Research at the department also explores the interplay between digital cultural heritage and its makers, users and the possibilities, and the problems and challenges that participation of diverse stakeholder groups and, for instance, crowdsourcing of cultural heritage, metadata and other cultural heritage information present for ALM institutions and their users.

Another strand of digital-humanities research present at the department concentrates on collective memory-making in online and offline environments and it’s underpinning social practices and technological premises. This research does takes interest in the ethical and epistemological and ontological problems of merging community heritage with institutional collections in the archive, library, and museum sector.

The department of ALM hosts a university-wide digital humanities research network, the Centre for Digital Humanities Uppsala, from January 2021. The network has an active research blog the Digital Humanities Uppsala blog, as well as website (link) where information about upcoming seminars are published as well as othe important information.

The Department of ALM further offers the two-year international Master Programme in Digital Humanities  and The Digital Humanities Blog, a blog dedicated to the Masters’ programme in Digital Humanities.


Following researchers at the department work on topics related to the theme:

  • Olle Sköld
  • Amalia Juneström
  • Ulrika Kjellman
  • Christer Eld
  • Inga-Lill Aronsson
  • Kerstin Rydbeck
  • Isto Huvila
  • Anna Foka
  • Matts Lindström
  • Amanda Wasielewski
  • Matti La Mela

Last modified: 2023-11-27