Meddelanden från Institutionen för ABM

The proceedings of the Department of ALM, Meddelanden från Institutionen för ABM founded in 2009.

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6. Att spara eller inte spara: De svenska arkiven och kulturarvet 1970–2010.

Samuel Edquist (2019).

In this book, ideas and practices on appraisal in Swedish state archives c. 1970–2010 are analysed. What records has been kept, why, and for whom? How has the archival sphere been influenced by overall societal ideas on heritage and memory? The relative importance of legal and institutional frameworks is also analysed, since laws heavily regulate archives in the Swedish public sector. The Swedish Archives Act of 1990 emphasises that the “research interest” has to be accounted for when deciding what to preserve, and it adds that the state archives are part of the “national heritage”. How is this implemented in actual appraisal practises? It is shown that appraisal in Sweden is generally pragmatic and – in a Schellenbergian tradition – rests on a presumption (most often not articulated) that it is possible to foresee the desires of future users.

Pris: 100 kr/styck inkl. 6 % moms. Porto- och exp.avgift tillkommer. The book (open accces) is available for download in Diva-portal.

5. Perspectives to Archaeological Information in the Digital Society

Isto Huvila (ed.) (2014).

Perspectives to archaeological information in the digital society discusses the premises for studying the implications and opportunities of the digitalisation of information and information work in the domain of archaeology and material cultural heritage. The intricacies of managing archaeological information and documentation have been acknowledged for a long time, but the rapid changes in premises, tools and the idea of how archaeology should be conducted in the digital age have shifted many of the parameters of the process. This book has been written under the auspices of the research project Archaeological Information in the Digital Society (ARKDIS) funded by the Swedish Research Council as a part of the work of the project to set the stage for researching the production and use of archaeological knowledge.

Pris: 100 kr/styck inkl. 6 % moms. Porto- och exp.avgift tillkommer.

4. Cosmopolitan Copyright. Law and Language in the Translation Zone. Eva Hemmungs Wirtén (2011).

In the annals of international copyright history - by and large synonymous with the Berne Union and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literacy and Artistic Works from 1886 - translation occupies a contested space. Set in the first era of international copyright relations, between 1886 and 1971, Cosmopolitan Copyright tells a story of international power relations in the making, practices of cultural transformation, the changing face of global governance, and the limits and possibilities of authorship vis-á-vis the law.

Pris: 100 kr/styck inkl. 6 % moms. Porto- och exp.avgift tillkommer.


3. Spelar skolbibliotek en roll? En presentation av fem projekt från en forskningscirkel om skolbibliotek. Redaktör Kerstin Rydbeck (2009).

Skriften utgör en redovisning av arbetet inom en forskningscirkel om skolbibliotek, som bedrivits 2008-2009 vid Institutionen för ABM. Deltagarna har genomfört fem mindre studier om skolbiblioteksverksamhet ur ett lokalt perspektiv och i boken beskriver de sina undersökningar och resultat. Denna skolbibliotekscirkel har också varit ett försök att se hur forskningscirkeln fungerar som metod för Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (EBLIP).

Pris: 100 kr/styck inkl. 6 % moms. Porto- och exp.avgift tillkommer.


2. Mashing-up Culture. The Rise of User-generated Content. Proceedings from the COUNTER workshop Mashing-up Culture, Uppsala University, May 13-14, 2009. Redaktörer: Eva Hemmungs Wirtén & Maria Ryman (2009).

These are the proceedings of the first COUNTER workshop "Mashing-up Culture: The Rise of User-generated Content. Sampling, mash-ups, and the remixing of content are part of the digital creative environment. User-created content, produced in outlets such as YouTube and deviantART, can be seen as innovative forms for collaboration and challenges to modernist notions of what it means to be a creator and a consumer.

These proceedings consist of ten papers that taken together represent an interdisciplinary and international approach to the mash-up and user-generated content as digital phenomena of the 21st century.

Pris: 100 kr/styck inkl. 6 % moms. Porto- och exp.avgift tillkommer.


1. Från någon som vet till andra som inte vet. En studie av Alf Henrikson som folkbildare (2009). Jesper Ducander.

I denna skrift presenteras Alf Henrikson i rollen som folkbildare och hans verksamhet inom  olika folkbildande sammanhang. Henrikson presenteras här som föreläsare, hans medverkan i radio och television samt delar av hans historiska författarskap. Här ges också en inblick i hur Henrikson själv såg på folkbildning och hur den skulle bedrivas.

Jesper Ducander är bibliotekarie och detta är hans licentiatuppsats i biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap.

Pris: 100 kr/styck inkl. 6 % moms. Porto- och exp.avgift tillkommer.