Fiona Cameron

  • Date:
  • Lecturer: Fiona Cameron (Western Sydney University)
  • Contact person: Isto Huvila
  • Seminarium

Are automated weapons, sex bots and 3D printed suicide machines the new digital cultural heritage?

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and automation all manner of entities now produce data from social bots on social media sites to sex bots in intimate relationships, autonomous weapons, embedded medical devices, automated bank systems, 3D printed suicide machines and even bacteria in bio art experiments. All this data represents the emergence of new, smarter heritage forms and the data producers of present and future life. What do these technological developments say about the future of heritage and life itself? This paper showcases examples from Fiona Cameron’s recently published monograph, The Future of Digital Data, Heritage and Curation in a More-Than-Human World (London: Routledge, 2021).


Fiona R Cameron is Associate Professor, Contemporary Museologies at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University, Australia. Cameron is a pioneering figure in digital heritage studies, museum theory and museum engagement with controversial topics and climate action. Fiona has published 93 books and articles with leading publishers on these topics.