Isto Huvila

Associate Professor
Director of ARKDIS
Uppsala University
Department of ALM

Research Interests:

  • Archaeological information
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Information behaviour and use
  • Information work
  • Impact and use of information infrastructures

Daniel Löwenborg

Research fellow
Uppsala University
Department for archaeology and ancient history


Research Interests:

  • Landscape Archaeology
  • GIS
  • Quantitative Methods and Statistics
  • Society and Climate



Bodil Petersson

Docent/associate professor
Linnaeus University
School of Cultural Sciences

Research interests:

  • Archaeological communication and information
  • Digital technique vs material culture
  • Time travels in theory and practice
  • Reconstructions of the past
  • Museums and heritage
  • Experimental archaeology
  • History of archaeology



Per Stenborg

Associate Professor
Gothenburg University
Department for historical studies

Research interests

    • Latin American Archaeology and early History
    • Development of digital methods and procedures for documentation, analysis and communication of archaeological information
    • Potential and limitations of digital and computer aided ways of presenting and communicating cultural heritage information
    • How the growing share of digitally based information creates new conditions for learning

Nicolò dell'Unto

Research fellow
Lund University
Department of archaeology and ancient history

  • Virtual Archaeology
  • GIS
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Digital Methodologies and Archaeological practices

Lisa Börjesson

PhD. Candidate
Uppsala University
Department of ALM

  • Information Use
  • User behaviors
  • Archaeological Information
  • Development of Professional Knowledge
  • Ethnological Cultural Analysis

Carolina Larsson

Lund University