On-going Research Projects

Inga-Lill Aronsson:

  • Transition, Memory and Reconciliation - inquiry into the Roles and Functions of Cultural and Natural Heritages in Areas of Conflict and Disaster
    Project studies the ideas and praxis of the meaning of cultural heritage in reconciliation processes in post-conflict societies from a comparative perspective. The project is cross-disciplinary and draws on peace and confliuct research, comparative religion, law and cultural anthropology.
  • The Never Ending Story
    The project maps and studies the longitudinal consequences of Projektet kartlägger och utforskar de longitudinella konsekvenserna av ett deportation project i central Mexico. The project is based on ethnographic fieldwork.

Åse Hedemark:

Isto Huvila:

    The project financed by a ERC Consolidator Grant creates new knowledge on the documentation, making and use of research data.
    NORDeHEALTH aims to enable further digitalization of the public health sector by providing concrete feedback to the national authorities in the respective countries, provide guidelines and frameworks for design, implementation and evaluation of personal eHealthservices (PeHS).
  • Artificial Intelligence as a risk and opportunity for the authenticity of archives
  • InterPARES Trust AI
    Multi-national interdisciplinary project aiming to design, develop, and leverage Artificial Intelligence to support the ongoing availability and accessibility of trustworthy public records by forming a sustainable, ongoing partnership producing original research, training students and other highly qualified personnel (HQP), and generating a virtuous circle between academia, archival institutions, government records professionals, and industry, a feedback loop reinforcing the knowledge and capabilities of each party.
    A European network on archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment.
  • Libraries, Archives and Museums: Changes, Challenges and Collaboration (LAMC3)
    The project aims to create new knowledge on changes in ALM-sector.
  • Marie Curie ITN POEM
    The aim of the project is to train future experts in the cultural heritage sector with a focus on participatory memory practices.
  • DOME Consortium
    DOME consortium is building knowledge about the implementation and use of eHealth services and is based on studies of e-health projects. 

Ulrika Kjellman:

Kerstin Rydbeck:

  • Läsarnas cirklar. En litteratursociologisk undersökning om socialt läsande och läsargemenskaper i dagens Sverige
    Projektet söker kartlägga omfattningen av bokcirkelverksamheten i Sverige idag och studerar deltagarmönster, arbetssätt och funktioner hos olika typer av cirklar.
    The project aims to provide new understanding of how digitalisation and globalisation affects the role of ALM-institutions in supporting and strenthening the public sphere.
  • Libraries, Archives and Museums: Changes, Challenges and Collaboration (LAMC3)
    The project aims to create new knowledge on changes in ALM-sector.
  • "Shared Reading" in Nordic Context
    The project aims to follow up and stimulate the development of Shared Reading, a method of social reading in groups, in Denmark, Sweden och Norway using action research as a method.

Reine Rydén:

  • Bevarande och gallring
    Om två olika aspekter av bevarande av arkivinformation: 1) bevarande och gallring i teori och praktik vid arkivinstitutioner; 2) frågor relaterade till information om kärnavfall som måste bevaras under en tidsperiod som långt överstiger det som går att förutse.

Anna Foka

Nadzeya Charapan

This project positions itself in the domain of life-long education and targets at museum professionals in the Baltic and Nordic regions. It aims to map and strengthen the existing gap in professional skills that will facilitate a more sustainable and multifold integration of digital collections into museum services. 

Last modified: 2023-11-21