New issue of Tidskrift för ABM is published!


Volume 5 issue 1 is the ‘thickest’ number yet, with 99 pages of content from within our department, other departments within the university as well as from colleagues from other institutions. There is a great variety of topics, and a good amount of Digital Humanities related themes.

What’s in this issue?

For a proper introduction of all texts, please read the preface. Four research articles start of this issue. Ranging from a study by Reine Rydén on municipal archival practice and their understanding of provenance principles to a study on an online marketing campaign by Nike by graduate from the Digital Humanities master’s program, Nadim Herbert. Klara Müller, current student at the department and graduate of History of Science and Ideas, discusses medical knowledge and how it transforms in digitisation processes. Alma Aspeborg, with an MA in Ethnology, reworked her thesis about human remains on display in museums into an article for our journal. 

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