DigMus: Empowering Museum Professionals with Digital Skills.

This project positions itself in the domain of life-long education and targets at museum professionals in the Baltic and Nordic regions. It aims to map and strengthen the existing gap in professional skills that will facilitate a more sustainable and multifold integration of digital collections into museum services. The project will take place in three stages: 

1. A mapping phase to explore professional practices with digital collections and define a shortage of skills for more sustainable incorporation of digital materials into museum practices. 

2. On the basis of the mapping results, the development of a training toolkit “Empowering Museum Professionals with Digital Skills” in the Baltic and Nordic regions. 

3. Based on the mapping report and the training materials, the organisation of seminars in participating countries and a final international webinar for professionals working in the museum and cultural sectors. 

The project will produce diverse outcomes, including a mapping report, a toolkit “Empowering Museum Professionals with Digital Skills”, national seminars in Sweden, Lithuania, and Estonia, and a final international webinar. The outputs will directly target adult museum professionals and indirectly contribute to general museum audiences by facilitating educational discovery, innovation, and research.

The project has been committed as part of NordPlus Adult Programme, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2020–2022.

Principal invetigator: Nadzeya Charapan

Website: https://digmus.eu/

Senast uppdaterad: 2022-06-09