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In these short videos early career scholars, senior researchers, and academics from Europe and North America talk about how and why they began using digital archaeology methods and how they developed their digital archaeology skills. The interviews took place during the CAA 2019 conference in Tübingen and the videos were produced as part of the work of WG 4: Digital Scholarship.

Presentations from COST-ARKWORK Final Conference Feb 10, 2021

Presentations from the On Shifting Grounds conference (Rethymno, Crete, Oct 3-5, 2019)

Selected publications

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    • ARKWORK on Zenodo
    • Paliou, E.; Papadopoulos, C.; Huggett, J. & Huvila, I. (Eds.) Special issue: Digital Scholarship in Archaeology. Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology, 2019-2020.
    • Special issue: Archaeological Practice on Shifting Grounds. Open
      Archaeology. Coordinating Editors: Åsa Berggren, Antonia Davidovic
    • Special Issue of the Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage. Edited by Costis Dallas and Ingrida Kelpšienė.
    • Proceedings of the On the Shifting Grounds Conference. A special issue of journal: Opuscula Archaeologica. Zagreb University. Edited by Rajna Sosic-Klindzic and Theodora Moullou.
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