Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment (ARKWORK)

ARKWORK is a network that brings together the multidisciplinary work of researchers of archaeological practices in the field of archaeological knowledge production and use. The aim of ARKWORK is to make a major push forward in the current state-of-the-art in knowing how archaeological knowledge is produced, how it is used and how to maximise its positive impact in the society. ARKWORK was funded by the COST scheme in 2016-2021 (Action CA15201) and is currently organised as a special interest group CAASIG ARKWORK under the CAA International.

The focus of ARKWORK is on training the next generation of scholars and stakeholders by involving future leaders of research but also high profile experts employed by the industry and public organisations through events and visits to foreign institutions is a key to the longevity of the outcomes.

Compendium in ARKWORK

Compendium in ARKWORK is a selection of texts produced during the COST Action ARKWORK. The aim of the compendium is to provide an overview of the research field of archaeological practices and knowldge work in the digital environment and a starting point in conducting research or learning more about archaeological practices and knowledge production, and digitalisation of archaeology.

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