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7. Olle Sköld, Documenting Videogame Production of information in Social-Media Environments and its Implications for Videogame Preservation.

Omslagsbild Documenting Videogame Production of information in Social-Media Environments and its Implications for Videogame PreservationDrawing on the disciplines of library and information studies and archival studies, this study seeks to explore the production of information in online videogame communities and to elucidate how such insights can offer practical and conceptual support to the knotty issue of how to preserve those sociocultural aspects of videogames that exist 'beyond' the code and audiovisual data resources of the videogame itself. This is accomplished in two principal moves: (i) by delving into the current state of socioculturally-focused videogame preservation and; (ii) by inquiring into the production of information carried out by videogame communities in what arguably is one of their most important interfaces of interaction—discussion forums, wikis, and other social-media services. The study is based on four papers (I–IV). Paper I develops the theoretical framework of the study on the basis of practice theory and document theory. Papers II and III report on field-studies of videogame-community information production in the context of two processes of importance in community social life: memory-making (II) and knowledge production (III). Paper IV offers a qualitative systematic review of videogame-archiving literature, allowing Papers I–III to be situated in an archival context. The study employs multiple methods and encompasses several empirical sites of inquiry and was inspired by the framework of exploratory research and of 'bricolage' research strategies.

6. Lisa Börjesson, Resources for scholarly documentation in professional service organizations. A study of Swedish development-led archaeology report writing

Omslagsbild  Resources for scholarly documentation in professional service organizations. A study of Swedish development-led archaeology report writingThis information studies dissertation deals with the problem that results from research outside academia risk to receive little or no attention if communicated through reports, instead of in mainstream academic genres like research journal articles. The case in focus is Swedish development-led (DL) archaeology, i.e. state regulated archaeology preceding land development. Swedish DL archaeology is organized as a semi-regulated market. The organizations competing on the market are professional service organizations selling research services to land developers. Regional government departments, county administrative boards, function as intermediaries setting up procurement-like processes.

In previous research on archaeological documentation, the problem with non-use of reports has been described as depending on cultural issues of access, possible to solve if individuals make efforts to communicate and use extra-academic results. This dissertation offers an alternative definition of the problem, highlighting a different set of solutions. The aim is to further the understanding of how the distribution of research duties to professional service organizations affects the scholarly documentation in Swedish archaeology.

5. Björn Hammarfelt, Following the Footnotes. A Bibliometric Analysis of Citation Patterns in Literary Studies (2012). Diss.

This thesis provides an in-depth study of the possibilities of applying bibliometric methods tothe research field of literary studies. The four articles that constitute the backbone of this thesis focus on different aspects of references and citations in literary studies: from the use of references in the text to citation patterns among 34 literature journals. The analysis covers both an Anglo-Saxon context as well as research in Swedish literary studies, and the materials used include Web of Science data, references in the Swedish literature journal TFL (Tidskrift för Litteraturvetenskap) and applications to the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). A study is also made of the influence of one single publication—Walter Benjamin’s Illuminations—and its impact in literary studies and in wider academia.

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4. Per Nyström, Att göra historia. En kritisk studie av historieämnet som kunskapsorganiserande system (2011). Diss. 

Hur görs historia? I centrum för denna avhandling står de bibliografiska klassifikationssystem som biblioteken använder för att beskriva och ordna dokument inom historieämnet. Med utgångspunkt i de båda klassifikationssystemen The Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) och det svenska SAB-stystemet, där SAB står för Sveriges Allmänna Biblioteksförening, tolkas och analyseras en uppsättning kunskapsorganiserande system (KOS) inom ämnet historia. Avhandlingen uppmärksammar att kunskapsorganiserande system inte bara är konkreta arbetsverktyg inom en bibliotekspraktik utan också förmedlare av en världsbild, dvs. de ger uttryck för kulturellt betingade föreställningar och berättelser vilka också reproduceras genom att systemen används. Dessa system, som används för bibliografisk service, kunskapsorganisation och informationsåtervinning, ses därför som meningsbärande berättelser vilka speglar den tid i vilken de tillkommit. Från ett övergripande perspektiv behandlar avhandlingen den konflikt som uppstår i mötet mellan dessa bibliografiska system och en omvärld i ständig förändring.

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3. Åse Hedemark, Det föreställda folkbiblioteket - en diskursanalytisk studie av biblioteksdebatter i svenska medier 1970-2006 (2009). Diss.

Vilka föreställningar om folkbibliotek framkommer i de offentliga samtal som äger rum i media? Vilka är de mest framträdande debattörerna i olika biblioteksdebatter? Dessa frågor utgör de centrala utgångspunkterna för denna doktorsavhandling, som studerar debatter om folkbibliotek i svensk media från 1970-talet fram till och med 2006. Utifrån ett diskursanalytiskt angreppssätt analyseras ingående ett antal debatter från TV, radio och dagspress. Resultaten pekar på några av de politiska, professionella och institutionella intressen som ligger bakom den argumentation om folkbibliotek som förs fram i media under perioden. Resultaten visar också att den offentliga och mediala bilden av folkbibliotek kan relateras till de föreställningar om bibliotek som formas i samhället. Det kan i sin tur få konsekvenser för hur människor handlar i relation till biblioteket som institution samt även för hur de bemöts på folkbiblioteket.

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2. Ulrika Kjellman, Från kungaporträtt till läsketikett: en domänanalytisk studie över Kungl. bibliotekets bildsamling med särskild inriktning mot katalogiserings- och indexeringsfrågor (2006). 284 s. Diss.

Det här var institutionens första avhandling.

A prerequisite for pictures to be studied and used as sources of knowledge is that they are collected, organised, and made accessible. The aim of this thesis has been to analyse these processes within a specific cultural heritage institution – the National Library of Sweden’s picture collection.

Pictures play a central role as bearers of communication and information in the information space of our society. They have increasingly drawn attention to themselves both as historical artefacts and as culturally important and “identity creating” objects. In addition, recent technological advances make it possible to disseminate pictures in a hitherto unprecedented manner, leading to new challenges in how to improve access to such material. Much attention has been geared toward finding and implementing a standard solution applicable for various tasks and situations, irrespective of domains.

In contrast to such homogenising ambitions, I instead argue for the elaboration of solutions more sensitive to domain specific demands, where the comprehen-sion of pictures must be sought in shared communities of meaning. Influenced by socio-cultural and discursive perspectives this study sees knowledge and meaning as historically constructed and socially situated.

The study is divided into two main parts. Part One includes the introduction and the discussion of theory and method. Part Two consists of the empirical investigation and a conclusion. The former consists of four chapters centering on the historical background, a presentation of the picture material, the institutional practices and the knowledge organisation tools deployed by the National Library’s Picture Collection. In the conclusion I argue that our visual cultural heritage is constructed with the aid of the tools, discourses, and practices used in our institutional settings; in this particular case the Picture Collection of The National Library of Sweden.  

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1. Det bekönade museet: genusperspektiv i museologi och museiverksamhet, redaktörer: Inga-Lill Aronsson & Birgitta Meurling. ( 2005) 265 s.  OBS! Har kommit i nytryck i april 2009.

Boken är en introduktion till området museer och genus. Den riktar sig till personer verksamma i museibranschen, till studenter och lärare vid museologiutbildningar och humanistiska kurser med intresse för museiverksamhet och könsperspektiv, till folkbildare och till den intresserade allmänheten. Här finns artiklar av mer teoretisk karaktär liksom texter som förmedlar en personlig erfarenhet av museivärlden.

Bokens författare är verksamma inom kultursektorn, museivärlden och universitetet. Medverkande skribenter är Maria Ahlsén, Graziella Belloni, Johanna Berg, Kristina Berg, Katarina Ek-Nilsson, Wera Grahn, Katarina Kallings Nilsson, Juliette Leeb-du Toit, Eva Persson samt redaktörerna Inga-Lill Aronsson och Birgitta Meurling.

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