Varför ABM och DH?


Admitted students in the Master's Programme in Digital Humanities first year register through Ladok in August from July 28 until not later than August 22.

For students in the Master's Programme in Digital Humanities first year the first course you register for in the autumn semester 2022 is "Introduction to the Digital Humanities".

If you are conditionally admitted you need to first contact the dept. of ALM and verify that you fulfil all the requirements. Contact e-mail:

Are you on the waiting list for the Masters's programme in Digital Humanities? If we have the possibility to admit students from the waiting list we will contact students in chronological order via e-mail.

Throughout your studies the main student information hub Studium is used.

Schedules will be available through the website of the Department of ALM. För Masterprogrammet i digital humaniora väljer du Ma Digital Hum 1 i skrollrutan för ämne i schemaapplikationen./New Students in the Master's programme in Digital Humanities choose "Ma Digital hum 1" in the scroll-box for "ämne/course".

On the you find more general information that is very useful!


Vad händer sen?

Nedan finns listat en liten del av alla de yrken och karriärval som finns framför er efter avslutad utbildning hos oss.

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