Digital Humanities in Action

The Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 6th conference comes to Uppsala University in 2022

Save the date! The next Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries Conference (DHN) will be held in Uppsala, Sweden in March 2022.

The DHN conferences focus on digital-humanities research, education and communication in the Nordic and Baltic region, as well as beyond. In its 6th year, DHN calls special attention to the current potential of digital humanities for societal change. How can digital humanities impact not only research and higher education, but also ethics, political activism, and critical discourse in a broader cultural and institutional setting? DHN 2022 highlights and invites presentations relating to digital humanities and its effect on society and outside the immediate confines of academia, including cultural heritage institutions, digital infrastructures, politics, media and culture. This covers a broad spectrum of potential interactions and effects, ranging from raised awareness and reflections on digital transformation to renegotiated routines and patterns of action through new mindsets, methods, and practices.

Topics of special interest for DHN 2022 include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Digital Activism and journalism
  • Critical and theoretical perspectives on digital and algorithmic culture
  • Cross-disciplinary and collaborative approaches including participation, crowdsourcing, and citizen science
  • Digital infrastructures, metadata, and data preservation including standards, ontologies, interoperability and implementation practices
  • Digital cultural heritage collections and research connected to libraries, archives, and museums, including the practices and know-how of cultural heritage professionals
  • Artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction, machine learning, and algorithmic functionality
  • Scientific visualisation of historical and cultural data
  • Digital pedagogy, didactics, and digital teaching tools
  • Language and text analysis, data mining including natural language processing, topic modelling, and similar approaches
  • Methodological, ethical, and theoretical reflections on digital humanities research and education
  • The history of digital society including the digital humanities and its methods, perspectives, and developments

In addition to these topics, submissions relating and relevant to digital humanities research and education are also welcome. DHN is thoroughly multidisciplinary: contributions from across the digital humanities related fields including history, anthropology, archaeology, classical and medieval studies, ethnology, folkloristics, linguistics, literature studies, archival studies, museum studies, information studies, media studies, theology, sociology, cultural studies and other relevant disciplines fall within the scope of the conference. In particular, we welcome cultural heritage professionals to contribute and share their views and experiences of working in an institutional setting within the framework of digital humanities.

DHN 2022 is hosted by three key actors in Uppsala University’s digital humanities milieu: the Department of ALM (Archival, Library & Information, and Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies), Uppsala University Library, and The Centre for Digital Humanities at Uppsala University (DHU).

A call for papers and additional information about the conference will be published shortly. For more information about DHN 2022, please contact Olle Sköld (