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Documentation, DTA

Haaf, S. & Christian Thomas. (2016). Die Historischen Korpora des Deutschen Textarchivs als Grundlage für sprachgeschichtliche Forschungen. In: Holger Runow/Volker Harm/Levke Schiwek (eds.) Sprachgeschichte des Deutschen: Positionierungen in Forschung, Studium, Unterricht. Stuttgart: Hirzel. Pp. 217–234.

Documentation, ANNIS




Pettersson, Eva & Lars Borin. (2022). Swedish Diachronic Corpus. CLARIN-ERIC book chapter. To be published.

Pettersson, Eva & Lars Borin. (2019). Towards a Swedish diachronic corpus: Intended content, structure and format of version 1.0. Swe-Clarin Report Series no. SCRS-03-2019. Online: Swe-Clarin.

  • All editions of the Swedish Academy’s dictionary (Svenska Akademiens Ordlista SAOL), as well as Dalin 1850-53 and Svensk Ordbok 2009 (SO), searchable online (the same word can be conveniently searched across dictionaries and editions 1850-2015)

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