Pilot Project Support for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences

Please note: The call for Pilot Project Support for Fall 2022 has now closed. Below you can find information on the call.

The Centre for Digital Humanities Uppsala (CDHU) is pleased to announce a second call for applications for Pilot Project Support, an initiative that commences during the autumn semester 2022. The call provides technical and methodological support, and computational space for research projects in the humanities and social sciences. Pilot Project Support is a recurring and periodical initiative (2021–2025) and is connected to the digital research infrastructure mission of CDHU.

Pilot Project Support is open to all researchers and staff in the humanities and social sciences at Uppsala University. The purpose and aim is to support the digital implementation of research projects in a general sense. Applications may concern new ideas or be spin-offs of existing projects. Project proposals that can demonstrate concrete outcomes or importance and reusability may be given priority. Pilot projects aimed at larger external applications in the future are welcome. 

Pilot projects that are granted support will have access to: (1) implementation support in terms of human resources (research engineer time) that can provide support and advice with methods, tools, and data processing; and (2) computational space in the digital research infrastructure for storing and processing data that is under construction at CDHU. Before implementation CDHU staff will also support and facilitate the prototype design of the project.

In order to apply for Pilot Project Support candidates need to submit:

  • A project plan written in English of a maximum of 1500 words. This should include: 
    • Overall aims and purpose
    • Primary sources/datasets
    • Possible methods and tools

If possible, the project plan should also describe the project’s infrastructural relevance, and how it may be generative and reusable in a broader context. When relevant/possible, also include estimated storage and computational needs (specified in GB/TB and CPU/GPU needs).

  • A filled-in form (see below) describing the data concerning your proposed project. 
  • A short CV (max 1 page) for each applicant.

Projects that are clearly defined and that we assess could be implemented in no more than 3–4 months’ time may be prioritised. We may also prioritise projects that have a clearly defined prototype as an outcome and a plan for how this prototype can be used to support publications and/or in further research/applications. Persons who received pilot project support in the last round cannot get it in this round.

If the project relates to or builds upon an already existing project, please also provide a short summary (250 words) of the project, as well as the project application (if available).

Prior to sending in the Pilot Project Support application please ensure that your head of department is informed and is in agreement.

The application is assessed in terms of (1) feasibility and (2) infrastructural relevance and reusability by CDHU's management in consultation with the centre's research engineers.

Please send your application to karl.berglund@abm.uu.se. Deadline is 15 September 2022. If you have questions regarding the call, please check the FAQ below and then contact Karl Berglund, research coordinator for CDHU. 

Form for description of pilot data

  1. Does your pilot involve data collection? If yes, please describe it briefly.


  2. Does your pilot involve data curation/data cleaning? If yes, please describe it briefly.


  3. In what format(s) is your data? Size? Structured/unstructured?


  4. If you have already started working on your data, what tools, if any, are you using?


  • Q: Can I write the application in Swedish?
    A: Unfortunately not, since the working language of several of our research engineers is English.

  • Q: Do I need to have a permanent position at UU to apply?
    A: No, but you need to be employed at UU.

  • Q: Do I need to make a budget?
    A: No, you apply for a technical/methodical need, and then we help you out with that need.

  • Q: Can I apply for salary for myself or others, including for technical support?
    A: No, that is unfortunately not possible. Should your application be successful we assign a research engineer that is placed within the centre.

  • Q: What kind of technical competence can I pick from?
    A: Please be demanding! Currently options include a wide range of computational expertise, such as computer vision, image processing, Natural Language Processing, data science, GIS and other visualisation expertise and so on.

  • Q: Can I include scholars from other universities?
    A: Yes, that is possible as long as the main applicant and the pilot as such is anchored at Uppsala.

  • Q: When will the next call be?
    A: In a year, so in June 2023.

  • Q: Do I need to make a time plan?
    A: No, but we expect these pilots to start quite soon (since they are pilots and not larger projects). Most projects are expected to start in the fall, and all projects need to be finished before the next call.

  • Q: What does “infrastructural relevance and reusability” mean?
    A: It means possible benefits of pilots, beyond the individual project (e.g. a database open to other scholars, development of a tool that can be helpful to others) 

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