The development and day-to-day activities of Digital Humanities Uppsala is supported by an advisory steering board, an internal work group and an external reference group that contributes with international expertise to the network.

Steering board

  • Per Cullhed (Strategic Development Manager, Uppsala University Library)
  • Amanda Lagerkvist (Chair of the DH Board, Researcher, Department of Informatics and Media)
  • Ingela Nyström (Professor of IT, Department of Computer Science and Centre for Image Analysis)
  • Gabriele Griffin (Professor of Gender Studies, Centre for Gender Studies)
  • Beáta Megyesi (Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics, Department of Computational Linguistics)

Work group

  • Karolina Andersdotter (Digital Methods Librarian Uppsala University Library)
  • Karl Berglund (Researcher, Department of Literature, Digital Methods Librarian and Uppsala University Library)
  • Maja Bäckvall (DH Uppsala/Department of Nordic Languages)
  • Anders Hast (DH Uppsala/Department of Information Technology, Division of Visual Information and Interaction)
  • Ina-Maria Jansson (PhD Student in Crowdsourcing, Department of ALM) 
  • Amalia Juneström (PhD Student, Department of ALM)
  • Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström (Project Manager at University Library, Scholarly Communication Division)
  • Olle Sköld (Lecturer in Information Science, Department of ALM)

Reference group

Last modified: 2022-10-13