Research and Support

The CDHU’s overarching research goals are to initiate and to support ground-breaking humanities and social sciences research incorporating digital methods and tools, while ensuring that research ideas and projects have sufficient capacity for experimentation and renewal. An additional and embedded research goal is to create the circumstances for experimentation (e.g. through workshop activities and pilot initiation support) in order to allow new initiatives to arise transcending the disciplinary domains of HumSam and TekNat.

Additionally, a centrally coordinated digital research infrastructure underpins quality research in every discipline. The overarching infrastructure-oriented mission of the CDHU is to develop resources, procedures and effective workflows to support HumSam research at Uppsala university. CDHU operates in collaboration with the Central IT unit at Uppsala University and Uppmax/SNIC, as well as other units such as the University Library (UUL) and Museum Gustavianum. The infrastructure includes both technical personnel as well as a cloud-based solution, supporting: 1) Storage and computational space for research implementation; 2) access to multimodal tools and methods for data analysis (see forthcoming information on our AI Lab); 3) prototyping and proof-of-concepts for HumSam research projects as well as other solutions.

Last modified: 2022-02-02