Pilot Projects given support 2021


Seven pilot projects have now begun with support from the CDHU in Autumn 2021, and more are scheduled to begin in Spring 2022. The CDHU is excited to welcome the researchers involved, and looks forward to working with these projects!

Automatic identification of paradata

Isto Huvila--Department of ALM

Among the Wattpad Readers

Tuva Haglund--Department of Literature

Attribution Study on Frances Brooke’s Eighteenth-Century Libretto Marian

Michaela Vance--Department of English

Networked Accessibility and Discoverability of Digital Cultural Heritage Data

Agnieszka Backman--Department of Scandinavian Languages

Text mining commodification: the geography of the Nordic lingonberry rush, 1860-1910

Matti La Mela--Department of ALM; Department of Business Studies

Hosting Gramfinder: A search tool for Grammatical Descriptions of the Languages of the World

Harald Hammarström--Department of Linguistics and Philology

CAELA—Contemporary African Ephemeral Literatures Archive

Ashleigh Harris--Department of English

Last modified: 2021-12-01