Workshop: Introduction to web-scarping

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 4-0027
  • Lecturer: Marie Dubremetz, Research Engineer, CDHU
  • Organiser: Centre for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Last day of registration: 5/13/2024 at. 1:00 PM.
  • Contact person: Victoria Yantseva
  • Number of seats: 12 (Of which 15 are booked)
  • The event is full but you can sign up anyway and we will contact you if a seat opens up.
  • Workshop

Do you want to learn how to gather digital text data on a larger scale from e.g. repositories, newspapers or social media? This workshop will introduce you to the practices of web scraping along with some hands-on examples. We will depart from both tools like (for scraping basic web pages) and Python libraries. No previous knowledge is required.

Last modified: 2021-12-01