Workshop: Introduction to the Command Line

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 4-0027
  • Lecturer: Marie Dubremetz
  • Organiser: Centre for Digital Humanities Uppsala
  • Last day of registration: 3/1/2022 at. 1:00 PM.
  • Contact person: Karl Berglund
  • Number of seats: 15 (Of which 3 are booked)
  • Registration is closed for this event
  • Seminarium

One commonly interacts with computers through a graphical user interface (GUI), for example the desktop interface of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. However, you can also use a text interface known as the command line (or the terminal, shell, console or prompt). While it may appear complex at first sight, it offers a lot of power and flexibility for telling the computer what to do. Some programs and installations require usage of the command line.

This workshop will introduce you to the command line and walk you through a variety of fundamental concepts and commands. No prior knowledge is assumed. Bring your own computer with the possibility to insert a USB A cable.

Presenter: Marie Dubremetz.

Marie Dubremetz is PhD in computational linguistics and research engineer at CDHU.

The workshop takes place physically at CDHU in Engelska Parken, room 4-0027. It is targeted towards scholars and students at Uppsala University and has a limited number of seats. You need to register before the event.

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