Ethical and Legal Aspects of Digitisation and AI

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Stanley Greenstein, Stockholm University, and Sandra Friberg, Uppsala University
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  • Organiser: Centre for Digital Humanities Uppsala
  • Last day of registration: 5/18/2021 at. 1:00 PM.
  • Contact person: Karl Berglund
  • Registration is closed for this event
  • Seminarium

Digitisation and AI permeate close to all parts of our society, and legal matters are no exception. Our increasingly digital society faces new problems and demands concerning privacy, data protection, and information security, which have ethical and societal implications. Similarly, artificial intelligence deployed in commercial contexts, with smart systems and algorithmic-based decision-making, may cause harm to individuals, but the legal responsibilities are unclear.   

This seminar will address the ethical and legal aspects of digitisation and AI together with two invited experts working in the intersection of law, technology, and society. Their opening talks will be followed by a seminar discussion.

Presentation 1: Stanley Greenstein, “Predictive Modelling, Scoring and Fundamental Rights?
Presentation 2: Sandra Friberg, “Legal Challenges in the Digital Age

Stanley Greenstein (Jur. Dr.) is a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in law and information technology at the Department of Law, Stockholm University. He is also a co-worker at the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI,, which is a research institute that explores the interaction between law and IT.

Sandra Friberg (Jur. Dr.) is a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at the Department of Law, Uppsala University. She is also a visiting researcher at Uppsala Religion and Society Research Center (CRS).

The seminar is open to everyone interested. You do, however, need to register before the event. For further questions, please contact Karl Berglund (

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