National Course on Historical Sociolinguistics

This webpage collects information about an online national Master’s course in Historical Sociolinguistics including teaching materials and other resources. The course is a national initiative supported by the SLUGU consortium of Humanities and Theology Faculties comprising Stockholm University, Lund University, Uppsala University, University of Gothenburg and Umeå University.

Major themes of the course include the spread of linguistic innovations, literacy in past societies, standardization, historical multilingualism, and language and group identity. We also introduce Digital Humanities research infrastructures and methods in historical sociolinguistics. Find out more via introductory videos and course overview.

The course is inter-disciplinary in a sense that students of linguistics or any kind of specific language interested in the subject area are welcome to apply. The course is open for students affiliated with a Swedish university. You can register via

The teaching materials were collaboratively developed by researchers and teachers of Historical Sociolinguistics at the universities of Gothenburg, Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden. Centre for Digital Humanities in Uppsala is a partner organisation of the project hosting its major outputs. Please, have a look at terms of use before re-using the materials in other related teaching projects.

Last modified: 2022-10-13