More about Digital Humanities Uppsala

Digital Humanities Uppsala is a digital humanities research network positioned at the intersection of the humanities and information technology. The network aims to bring together, support and disseminate digital humanities research at Uppsala University.

Digital Humanities Uppsala sprang out of the University’s long tradition in the arts, humanities and technology. The network strives to initiate cross-disciplinary dialogue, to stimulate and support research within the arts and humanities as well as IT, from project stage to implementation. Digital Humanities Uppsala extends the rich DH landscape already present at Uppsala University, including areas such as game studies, digitization of artefacts and archives, text mining, semantic annotation and analysis, and GIS – just to mention a few examples.

The research network is financed by The Faculty of Arts together with two University research domains: Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as Science and Technology. The two year project is led by Anna Foka and coordinated by Matts Lindström.

What is digital humanities?

Digital humanities is a scholarly lens through which digital tools and methods are used for humanistic research. In a world of fast-pacing technology, digital humanities builds on scholarly and scientific cooperation and has the ambition to cross disciplinary, departmental and national boundaries. It further has implementations beyond academia, for example in cultural heritage or the entertainment industry. 

Verkstaden in Engelska parken

To support the network Digital Humanities Uppsala is establishing a physical space – ‘Verkstaden’ – in Campus Engelska parken, Uppsala. Verkstad means ‘workshop’ in Swedish and it primarily functions as a hub and meeting place for formal and informal gatherings, seminars and workshops, as well as a working space for guest researchers.

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Last modified: 2022-10-13