About CDHU

The Centre for Digital Humanities at Uppsala University (CDHU) was initiated 1 January 2021, and expands upon the activities of the Forum for Digital Humanities (2015–2017) and the Research network DH Uppsala (2018–2020). CDHU coordinates the digital transformation of Humanities and Social Sciences across Uppsala University. CDHU’s mission is threefold and cover:

  • Research initiation and support (including application support and activities, seminars, and larger events)
  • Skills training and education (workshops, courses and other support from MA level to researchers)
  • Digital infrastructure to technically support research in the humanities and social sciences

The research engineers, coordinators, and staff at the Centre for Digital Humanities work together offering consultation, practical, and technical support for world-class research that integrates digital methods and tools. Our staff can support different stages of the research process—from research design to obtaining data, statistical analysis, data visualization, and more.

The Research Engineers at CDHU have expertise in a variety of technical skills and knowledge sets, such as coding and data science, AI and machine learning, GIS, sustainable research implementation, and natural language processing.


CDHU is supported by yearly financing (2021–2026) from the domain of Humanities and Social Sciences and faculty of History and Philosophy at Uppsala University, as well as the Vice-Chancellor’s strategic funding.

CDHU is a Swedish national infrastructure financed by HumInfra, a member of the National consortium for Digital Humanities in Sweden that is financed by the Swedish Research Council as an infrastructure.

Map of HumInfra DH Network

CDHU’s research and pedagogical operations are further financed by a number of research funders, notably The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous
Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS)
the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation, and Riksbankensjubileumsfond

An inter/national infrastructure

The Centre for Digital Humanities Uppsala works to establish collaborations with units and stakeholders at Uppsala University and beyond. We are part of the expanding national Digital Humanities landscape, and involved in several networks of research institutions both national and internationally. Read more about our partners and collaborations here.


Last modified: 2023-02-09