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News: Call for Pilot Project Support 2023

*The Centre for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (CDHU) is pleased to announce a third call for applications for Pilot Project Support, with a deadline of September 15th, 2023.*

More details on the application can be found here.

About the Centre for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Uppsala

The Centre for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Uppsala University (CDHU) was initiated 1 January 2021, and expands upon the activities of the Forum for Digital Humanities (2015–2017) and the Research network DH Uppsala (2018–2020). CDHU coordinates the digital transformation of Humanities and Social Sciences across Uppsala University. CDHU’s mission is threefold and covers:

  • Research initiation and support (including application support and activities, seminars, and larger events)
  • Training and education (workshops, courses and other support from MA level to researchers)
  • Digital infrastructure to technically support research in the humanities and social sciences

What is digital humanities? 

Digital Humanities (DH) refers to the interdisciplinary scientific field that combines information and communication technologies (ICT) with the arts, humanities and social sciences. As methods and tools for analysis are increasingly digital, CDHU has the ambition to strengthen DH competence for world leading research and education at Uppsala University. These needs include, for example, knowledge and understanding of available licenses, software, and engineering resources across the university, other open source solutions for humanities and HS; viable solutions for the creation and analysis of research data for the duration of research projects.


CDHU collaborates with researchers, research groups and other actors within Uppsala University, but also welcomes national and international collaboration toward innovative and ground-breaking research and research-driven education. See our ongoing collaborators and projects.

Visit our blog for ideas, research presentations and other outputs from our research network.

You are also welcome to visit our GitHub page for further resources we have been working on at the CDHU and with our collaborators.



  • Meeting times: Tuesdays 10-12.00
    • Engelska Parken Room 4-0027
    • Ring bell (corridor is locked)
  • Please feel free to contact us via our Contact Form
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