3rd Digital History in Sweden Conference (DHiS2020), Uppsala, Dec 3-4 2020


Following last year’s successful Digital History Conference in Gothenburg we invite historians working on or interested in different aspects of digital history in Sweden to a third annual conference. 


We welcome presentations on all aspects of digital history, and especially presentations related to this year’s conference theme “Integrating Digital History”, focusing on how historians can combine digital methods and critical historical analysis in new practices of doing history.

It has been suggested that the very phrase ‘digital history’ indicates a separateness from non-digital historical practices -- and assumes that wholly non-digital practices exist. While some digital tools are used universally by historians, such as library and archive catalogues, citation software and text processing, there is still a significant threshold to using more specialized methods for digital text and image analysis, or geographic information systems. This year’s conference focuses on how to make the leap into incorporating digital methods as an integrated part of our historical work, and seeks to address the issues and controversies that arise: How do we make digital methods available more broadly without becoming reliant on “black box” technology? Do we risk allowing the methodology to dictate the type of research questions we pose? Is digital history synonymous with quantitative methods, or can it also be integrated into qualitative approaches? How can digital historians best make use of methods and theoretical insights from the “digital humanities” (and what is the relationship between the two fields)?

We invite submissions on any aspect of digital history. We especially encourage submissions presenting project ideas or sketching emerging work. Presentations will be circa 10-20 minutes long, preferably in English or Swedish (but participants are also welcome to present in Norwegian and Danish). We also expect it to be possible to present papers through Zoom. Please indicate in your proposal whether you intend to attend in person or digitally. Historians from academic and nonacademic historical institutions and heritage organizations, independent scholars and students are warmly encouraged to present and participate. There is no conference fee.

The deadline for submitting a paper or presentation proposal is Friday, 2 October 2020. To sign up, go to http://doit.medfarm.uu.se/kurt16735. If you wish to present, please use this form to upload your abstract of 100-200 words plus title in PDF format. Notification of acceptance of papers will be communicated by October 16.