Ongoing Research Projects at the Dept. of ALM

Inga-Lill Aronsson:

  • Transition, Memory and Reconciliation - inquiry into the Roles and Functions of Cultural and Natural Heritages in Areas of Conflict and Disaster
    The project explores theory and praxis in the use of heritage in reconciliation processes in post-conflict societies from a comparative perspective. The project is interdisciplinary involving peace and conflict, religion, public international law and cultural anthropology.
  • The Never Ending Story
    The project explores the longitudinal consequences of a displacement project in central Mexico. The project is based on ethnographic field work.

Samuel Edquist:

 Isto Huvila:

  • ARKDIS Archaeological information in the digital society
    The aim of the project is to map the implications and opportunities of the digitalisation of information and information work in the domain of archaeology and material cultural heritage throughout the lifespan of archaeological information from the field to museums and community planning, and to develop and evaluate conceptual and practical methods and procedures for enhancing archaeological information work in the digitalised environment.

Ulrika Kjellman:

  • Pictorial Evidence
    The image as scientific tool in the work of the Institute of Racial Biology

Kerstin Rydbeck:

  • Readers' circles
    The project explores social reading and reading communities in contemporary Sweden. The project analyzes the ways of working in different types of book clubs, studies the recruitment of participants and the functions of the book club activities.

Reine Rydén:

  • Archival Appraisal: Strategies and Practices
    My research is about archival appraisal at public archival institutions. One study examines the ongoing revision of the Swedish National Archives? appraisal policy in a comparative international perspective. Another study looks into the application and consequences of a specific method, retention of sample archives.